Saturday, April 15, 2017

APRIL 2017 BATCH - Magia Nuda - Abandoned Place Of Worship, Godofgaps/Dead Weight, VHS Manipulations Vol. 2

April 2017 Batch - Magia Nuda, Godofgaps/Dead Weight, VHS Manipulations Vol. 2

Magia Nuda - Abandoned Place Of Worship (C-30)

Lyrical themes concern memories from childhood, the nature of friendship and betrayal. Synth heavy harsh power electronics which drifts into more ambient territory. Black cassette with insert and lyrics sheet. $6 PPD

Godofgaps / Dead Weight - Tonawanda Split (C-30)

Unrelenting, brutal and disturbing harsh power electronics. Two heavy hitters from Buffalo, NY. Concept release with lyrics/themes concerning the artists shared hometown of Tonawanda, NY. Completely devastating. White cassette with insert. $6 PPD. 

Frightened Moon - Analog VHS Manipulations Vol. 2 (T-120, program runs 30 mins.)

Footage consisting of found elements and additional material created specifically for this release. Minimal a/v distortion based chaos. 30 mins of completely analog, visual, hallucinatory mayhem. Visual harsh noise. VHS in plain blue sleeve. $10 PPD. Strictly limited to 10 copies. Each tape includes a unique still image from the program. Sample:

Since the above release may have peaked your interest, I would like to formally announce that I've started a new project, Frightened Moon. Completely analog turntable and tape manipulation. Releases out on Fusty Cunt and Depravity Label soon. Various live actions have and will take place in the Midwest. These are the two audio cassette offerings of the project:

Frightened Moon - Wells (C-30)

Harsh and unnerving. Eroded sounds leave ghostly traces. Debut release. One sided C-30 wrapped in gauze. $6 PPD.

Frightened Moon - Unwell (C-20)

Textural harsh cut-up. Heavy use of maxed out samples and loops. C-20. $6 PPD. 

I have decided to keep the label going at a more relaxed pace, with one or so batches a year. Releases will be sparse, but I'm not dead yet. I'd also like to add that I've opened a storenvy, with all available STT releases in stock as well as various distro items which I will try my best to update regularly:


samples of the above at:

Thanks again for your continued support.