Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New release! STT005 Developer/Hostage Pageant split C-30

Split release between two of the best current harsh acts going. On Side A, Developer brings you a minimal drone which drifts into a blown out cacophony of cut-up. On Side B, Hostage Pageant creates dark, atmospheric harsh noise with a unique sense of space. Very proud to put this out.

Samples: https://solartempletapes.bandcamp.com/album/developer-hostage-pageant-split-c-30

$5 postage paid.

Upcoming releases include 2 splits: Magia Nuda/GodOfGaps and Magia Nuda/Swallowing Bile.

I also have 2 VHS releases in the works. Stay tuned.

Copies of Magia Nuda - MN/PD, Paucities/Rottingrex and Blessed Sacrifist - Elegy still available.