Friday, February 27, 2015

Magia Nuda - Supreme Truth C-20, Analog A/V Manipulations Vol. 1 VHS (Artist Edition)

Magia Nuda - Supreme Truth C-20. Cult oriented subjects explored via a sinister and minimal presentation. Samples here:
$6 Postage Paid.

Michael Golen - Analog A/V Manipulations Vol. 1 VHS. (Artist Edition)
Originally released over the summer of 2014 in an edition of 5 standard copies and sold at various Magia Nuda shows. Approximately 2 hours of hallucinatory "visual noise", manipulated entirely in the analog domain.  These are the 3 artist edition copies of that material, making this release limited to 8 copies total. Each copy is unique, containing uniquely arranged footage from different sources. Each slipsleeve from this version is also unique, containing a manipulated still image from the video. Green VHS tape. Only 3 copies of this version exist. 
$12 shipped.

Haven't updated the site in a while as life sort of got in the way. I have plans for upcoming releases, including a new Magia release, another part in the A/V Manipulations VHS series, and a tape from Blessed Sacrifist.

To everyone who has purchased items from me over the last few years: 
Thanks for your support! It means everything to have people genuinely interested in these items and you are contributing to more potential releases in the years to come. Again, thank you.