Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Releases - Blessed Sacrificst "Elegy" C-30, ✡‼/ADYE "Crumbling Complex" split C-25

Hey all,

Solar Temple has 2 brand new releases.

Blessed Sacrifist - Elegy C-30     STT002
An unnerving blend of drone, power electronics and dark ambient. Heavy on atmosphere. Glowing hymns of tormented majesty from J. Linski. Astounding.

Chrome C-30. $5 PPD.
Listen here:

✡‼/ADYE - Crumbling Complex split C-25 STT003
Split release from 2 american HNW acts. Harsh upon harsh for the sake of harsh. Crushing, crunching, crackling textures to erode the mind. ✡‼ is Patrick Doyle of RedSk. Adye is anonymous.

Type I green C-25 in green tinted jewel case with green j-card and green insert. $5 PPD.
Samples on the bandcamp soon.

As a special treat, you can get all 3 Solar Temple Releases (Magia Nuda - MN/PD, Blessed Sacrifist - Elegy  and ✡‼/ADYE - Crumbling Complex) for $12 PPD US.

Magia Nuda will be playing at Summer Scum II - Buffalo Noise Fest in Buffalo NY.
Fest is the 18-20 and yours truly will be playing on Sunday the 20th. Great lineup, stoked to be a part of it.

All Solar Temple Releases will be available at the fest.