Sunday, June 22, 2014


 Raging, hateful and filthy harsh noise/power electronics.

 PE of a more atmospheric nature. Samples, walls, high screeches and other such forms of audio extremity.

These releases will be available for SUMMER SCUM III in Buffalo, NY (July 25th and 26th).

$5 PPD each.

Audio samples here:

Copies of Developer/Hostage Pageant, Paucities/Rottingrex, Paucities RSD, Blessed Sacrifist, and Magia Nuda - MN/PD still available.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

New releases will be pressed shortly.

Magia Nuda/Swallowing Bile and Magia Nuda/GodOfGaps splits will be pressed in the next month or so in time for Summer Scum III. I'll also be repressing Blessed Sacrifist "Elegy" and the Hostage Pageant/Developer split.

Also, someone sent me a submission about a week ago and I stupidly deleted the email on accident. If by any chance you are reading this, please send it again.

Paucities tapes are still available (Rottingrex split and "Live and rehearsals"). I also have copies of our split 7"s with Chulo and Future Cops.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

STT006RSD Paucities - Live and Rehearsals

Solar Temple's first RSD release. Paucities - Live And Rehearsals. Side A is live @ Mousetrap from last year. Side B is early raw demos and rehearsals. C-30, hand numbered and strictly limited to 20. 15 green case and only 5 pink paper/black and clear case (three of these are already accounted for). $4. Let me know if you want one and happy record store day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New release! STT005 Developer/Hostage Pageant split C-30

Split release between two of the best current harsh acts going. On Side A, Developer brings you a minimal drone which drifts into a blown out cacophony of cut-up. On Side B, Hostage Pageant creates dark, atmospheric harsh noise with a unique sense of space. Very proud to put this out.


$5 postage paid.

Upcoming releases include 2 splits: Magia Nuda/GodOfGaps and Magia Nuda/Swallowing Bile.

I also have 2 VHS releases in the works. Stay tuned.

Copies of Magia Nuda - MN/PD, Paucities/Rottingrex and Blessed Sacrifist - Elegy still available.