Thursday, October 29, 2015

October 2015 Batch - Milorganaut, Conditioned

Milorganaut - Kaszube Isle Single Sided C-30
Fast and furious powerviolence from Milwaukee, WI. Devastating sludge riffs and fast blasts. One of the best current midwest acts of this ilk. Not to be missed. Features members of Falter and Jay Linski (Blessed Sacrifist).  You can listen on YouTube (courtesy of Vinod Karki) and on the Milorganaut bandcamp. $6 postage paid.

Conditioned - Demo C- 20
Debut release. Unnerving and dynamic HNW. Punishing and nihilistic. Shifts from grating loops and minimal industrial drone to scraping sheets of white noise. Highly recommended. $6 postage paid.


Upcoming releases will include Italian metallic D-beat band Polis Ackel as well as others in the works. 

Blessed Sacrifist "Elegy", "Somber Passing", Magia Nuda - "Undulating Chasm" and Analog Manipulations VHS still available.